Planning Tasks

The work schedule is planned at the Friends' monthly meetings and is agreed with Eastleigh Borough Council. The schedule is in accordance with the Borough Council's Management Plan for Hocombe Mead.

Recent Tasks

The September task day was spent raking the South Meadow and clearing some of the encroaching goat willow.

The task day on 13th October was spent clearing part of the banks of the stream to permit wild life access.

On 10th November we cleared some of the willow that was encroaching onto the meadow in the swamp area near to the carved oak.





Future Task Days

Our current plans for the forthcoming task days are:

December 8th Clearing Rhododendron near to the swamp area in the centre of the Mead. Wellington boots will be essential.




Working parties usuallly start at 10 am on the second Thursday of each month (except August) and meet at the Ashdown Road Entrance.

New helpers are always welcome.

Work usually goes on until about 3 pm but some people may chose to leave at lunch time.

Tea and coffee are provided.